About Wildland Roots

Wildland Roots is an eclectic collective of artists, storytellers, land-tenders, puppeteers, poets, dancers and musicians who share an interest in place-based arts, and in tapping into the imagery of mythology and folklore to help navigate our way through challenging times.

We are primarily based at Green Anchors on the bank of the Willamette River in North Portland, Oregon.

The key players of Wildland Roots are as follows: 

Moni J. Sears (she/they)
Wildland Roots Artistic Director
All Souls River Procession Co-founder

Moni has 20+ years experience as a professional mask-maker, designs our puppets and lanterns, and teaches many of our workshops.

Learn more about Moni’s work at www.goblinart.com

Ivy Stovall (she/her)
Wildland Roots Ritual Director
All Souls River Procession Co-founder

Ivy is a place-based ritualist, performer, musician, fiber artist, land-tender, ancestral skills teacher, and community celebrant. She leads the River Ritual that is the central part of the All Souls River Procession, and performs with Children of the Moon, one of our All Souls post-procession “Celebration for the Living” bands.

Mel Berry (she/her)
All Souls River Procession Co-founder

Mel is a costume-making troubadour, a flax-to-linen enthusiast, and an escapee from a multi-decade stint as a Creative Director in the film and theme entertainment industries.

Shae Uisna (she/her)
All Souls Procession Tender of the Book of Souls

Shae is an artist, performer, puppeteer and vision dreamer who is reclaiming ceremonies and rites of passage. She joined the All Souls River Procession crew in 2022.

Learn more about Shae's work at Uisna World.

If you are planning to visit our community workspace, find us under the Green Anchors pier at 8940 N Bradford Street, Portland, Oregon, 97203. (Check out this map for more specific directions).

If you have ADA needs you can drive right in and park next to our shipping container. All other driving folks please park on the street outside the Green Anchors entrance, or in the Cathedral Park Boat Ramp parking lot. 

If you would like to know more about our projects make sure to join our Patreon where we are documenting our behind-the-scenes creative process. You can also follow the @pdxallsouls instagram account to see some of the highlights.