More resources that may be helpful to those exploring natural materials art, masks & mummery. Also links to some of my teachers and collaborators.

Materials Suppliers

This company sources natural pigments from small quarries around the world, and may a good option for anyone just starting their pigment collection. Located in Ashland, Oregon.

An easy-to-use option for natural, biodegradable paint, especially good as a primer or base-coat for paper mache projects. I like to keep a packet of their "Base (no pigment)" product around to combine with my own collected and ground natural pigments. Located in Tooele, Utah.

Purchase vegetable glycerin by the gallon. Located in Portland, Oregon.

Methylcellulose by the pound. Located in Brooklyn, New York.

Another source of methylcellulose by the pound. Located in northern California.


Research what plant materials, animal fibers and mineral pigments and materials naturally occur in your bioregion. Learn to harvest responsibly, and how to give back to the environment more than you receive.

Recipes & Tutorials

The original recipe at the heart of my burlap + bioplastic mask-making process, posted to Instructables by Jordan Stack.

Learn how to make willow and tissue paper lanterns with these free West Devon Art Workshop videos on youtube. They also have a whole playlist of Willow & Tissue Art videos of varying degrees of skill-level.

Great recipe for a fast-drying biodegradable glue that can use used instead of PVA. Works quite well for willow and tissue paper lanterns.

Mummery Resources

This book and accompanying text has been invaluable as I have researched European mumming traditions, and has done an amazing job of spreading awareness of these traditions worldwide.

Roslyn M. Frank, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Iowa, has published a number of excellent papers concerning the origins of the European ritual bear hunt traditions often seen during Carnival.

Partners & Collaborators

7 acre "eco-industrial" creative space, pollinator garden and ecological restoration project. This is the current home of Rewild Portland and many of my collaborations with them. Located next to the Willamette River in the St Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. 

A non-profit educational organization that promotes place-based resiliency and teaches many great classes.

This annual gathering in the woods near Monmouth, Oregon is an amazing place to learn a wide variety of ancestral skills. Not only do I teach workshops there, I take classes and learn from others too.

Photo by Buck the Cubicle

Scott's amazing pigment knowledge and guidance have been invaluable as I have learned to work with natural paints.

Building "cross-pollination among textile enthusiasts, artists, businesses, schools, and cultural organizations ". Wildland Roots in collaboraton with Green Anchors, Rewild Portland and Fibrevolution participated in the
October 2022 PTXM festival workshop line-up. 

Kayaktivist group, "Swarming Against Global Warming" who carried the giant salmon lantern by kayak along the Willamette River during the 2021 All Souls River Procession. Located at Green Anchors in the St Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. 

PHCC works with local tribes, businesses and community organizations towards the cleanup, restoration, and redevelopment of the Willamette River's Portland Harbor
We were excited to raise funds for them during the 2021 All Souls River Procession.