Techniques & Tutorials

Basic Burlap Mask-Making - Part 1
This 7 page PDF document includes:
• How to create a mask-making form with common materials
• Detailed instructions for making and using cornstarch bioplastic
• Step-by-step directions for forming simple masks from burlap and bioplastic

Basic Burlap Mask-Making - Part 2
This 6 page PDF document includes:
• Making burlap and bioplastic masks over a sculpted clay form
• How to make a flexible burlap headdress base
• Flexible natural paint mediums for burlap

Natural ''Plant Dough'' Tree Bark Faces
This 4 page PDF document includes:
• A fun and simple craft technique using natural and biodegradable materials
• Basic instructions for cornstarch bioplastic 

Make a mask with paper mache & a plastic bottle
This 5 page PDF document includes:
• A simple mask-making technique using recycled materials

And there are many mask-making tips and techniques in my blog posts, which you can find with the following links: