Upcoming Events:

A family-friendly annual ancestral skills gathering held in the woods each summer near Monmouth, Oregon. Look for my natural materials mask-making classes to return to Echoes post-Quarantine.

Previous Events:

A Winter Feast of Story & Song
A collective solstice ritual concert for the flourishing of the living earth, with Midwinter Mummery by Wildland Roots. December 20th, 2019, Portland, OR.

 More on Mummery:

Amazing photographs of living mumming traditions throughout Europe. I recommend Charles' Wilder Mann book very highly.

Hunting the European Sky Bears:
German ‘Straw-bears’ and their Relatives as Transformers

Roslyn Frank, Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa, has spent years researching the connection between European "Straw Bear" mumming traditions and the ancient bear ceremonialism of hunter-gatherer Europe.