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I'll be helping out at this introduction to eco-printing class and natural dye plant garden tour, a Portland Textile X Month event. We'll be creating botanically printed banners and flags for the upcoming All Souls River Procession, and there will also be a flax processing demonstration (from flax grown onsite at Green Anchors) and natural fiber cordage making.

A Magical Afternoon in the Fiber & Dye Garden

Sunday October 23, 2022, 1-4 pm
Green Anchors, 8940 N Bradford St, Portland Oregon

$40 per attendee with funds supporting future Wildland Roots, Rewild Portland's Weaver's Wheel and Fibrevolution community art events. Register at Eventbrite

Echoes in Time

June 26-30, 2023
Monmouth, Oregon

I will be teaching several classes at Echoes during the week including biodegadable mask-making from burlap & bioplastic, willow lanterns, and paint from natural pigments. More information and registration info at


Mask-Making with Burlap, Bioplastic, and Natural Earth Pigments

Echoes in Time, Monmouth, Oregon, June 2022, July 2021 & July 2019
The Mud Hut, Portland, Oregon, October 2021
Green Anchors, Portland, Oregon, August 2019

An original mask-making technique I developed using a cornstarch-based "bioplastic" recipe to stiffen and shape sheets of reclaimed burlap over rigid face-forms. We also make paint from natural pigments, then embellish the masks with color, natural fibers, and other natural objects.

Willow Lantern Workshop

Echoes in Time, Monmouth, Oregon, June 2022

Simple pyramid-shaped lantern frames made using willow branches and biodegradable paper mache.

Photo by Mellissa Berry, digitally edited by Wildland Roots

Masks & Adornment -
A Rewild Portland Free Skills Series Class

Green Anchors, Portland, Oregon, October 2021

A slideshow presentation on the history and cultural context of masks with a particular focus on the animistic traditions that lie beneath Halloween and other rites of fall and winter, followed by a hands-on adornment workshop with Ivy Stovall (Rewild Portland instructor and Echoes in Time kids program director).

More info on Rewild Portland's 2021 free skills series.

Woven Masks

Echoes in Time, Champoeg, Oregon, July 2015, & 2016
Echoes in Time, Monmouth, Oregon, July 201

In this class my students wove masks and hats based on traditional Scottish and Irish straw costume designs, but adapted to use local materials (common cattail/common bulrush, Typha latifolia) and raffia fiber.

The masks and hats were a part of Echoes in Time's end of week Mask Night celebration.

Photo © by Jesse Ambrose, 2015

Photo by Peraza Media, 2014

Basic Paper Mache Masks

Peninsula K-8 School, Portland, Oregon, Spring 2014

Assisted by Peninsula School SUN volunteers.

A ten session SUN after-school program for grades 3-8. Students learned basic mask-construction using the foil+tape+paper mache method* and designed their own wearable animal masks. For their final project, many of the students wore their completed masks as part of the Peninsula school's entry for the 2014 St Johns Parade.

*Method from Bruce Mars of the Dell'Arte school.

Quick Cardboard Masks

Peninsula K-8 School, Portland, Oregon, April 2014

Assisted by Peninsula School teachers and parent volunteers.

A Peninsula K-8 School Family Night activity. Families spent an evening together cutting out and assembling cardboard animal masks from provided patterns*. Many students and family members then wore their completed masks as part of the Peninsula school's entry for the 2014 St Johns Parade.

*Patterns adapted from those by Douglas Witt

Photo by Peraza Media, 2014

Photo by Peraza Media, 2014