All Souls'
River Procession

October 30th, 2021
5 - 7pm

Green Anchors &
Cathedral Park

In partnership with Rewild Portland

Join us...

for an all-ages walking procession from the Green Anchors pollinator garden to the sandy shore of the Willamette River under the St Johns Bridge.

With masks, lanterns, rattles and drums, we will recognize the thinness of the veil at this cross-quarter, and offer an acknowledgement of the losses (human and other-than-human) of the past year through global climate change and pandemic.

We will also recognize October 30th as the eve of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. Our river ritual will include a prayer for agreement and cooperation between nations to immediately address the global emergency that is climate change.

Following our offerings and prayers, and our farewells to those who have passed on, we will then conclude with revelry for us—the living.

Photo by Mellissa Berry, digitally edited by Wildland Roots


5:00pm : Gather at the Green Anchors pollinator garden, 8940 N Bradford St. (Please park in the Cathedral Park boat ramp parking lot, then look for the Green Anchors entrance gate next to the train tracks)

5:30pm: Procession line-up

Sunset / ~6:00pm: Procession through Cathedral Park to the river's edge and ritual site. (Route is just under a ½ mile, along both paved and grassy surfaces)

7:00pm : River ritual ends, revelry begins.

Feel free to bring:

  • A ceremonial costume and/or decorative mask (to be worn with your Covid mask). Suggested themes: Light and dark, threshold, ancestors, seed, autumn, nature, connection to place.

  • Drums, rattles and other percussive and musical instruments (no woodwinds or brass please, due to Covid).

  • Lanterns (no open flames please).

  • Offerings for the river (Biodegradable please. If plant-based, no invasive species.)

  • Tokens to wear or carry with you to honor and remember those who have recently passed on.

  • If the forecast calls for rain, we recommend you bring a large umbrella to embellish for the procession.

Photo by Mellissa Berry, digitally edited by Wildland Roots

Event partners:

Prior to the River Procession, you may also be interested in...

Mask-making with Natural & Biodegradable Materials

10am - 4pm, Saturday October 23rd, 2021
orth Portland, Oregon

Make a mask with Moni Johanna Sears of , in collaboration with .

This is an original mask-making technique that uses a cornstarch-based bioplastic recipe to stiffen and shape sheets of reclaimed burlap over rigid face-forms. We will also make paint from natural pigments, then embellish the masks with color, natural fibers, and other natural objects.

The class will be held in a large outdoor structure that is open on one side, and is limited to 10 students.

Location: The St Johns neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

Materials provided and included in the $75 tuition.

Moni Johanna Sears (she/they) has been a mask-maker for more than 25 years, with masks featured in film, theatre and television, as well as in art galleries and mask shows in Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

Registration info HERE.

2–4:30 pm, Saturday October 30th, 2021
Green Anchors

(immediately preceding the All' Souls River Procession)

The first part of this class is a presentation by Moni Johanna Sears of Wildland Roots on the history and cultural context of masks from various cultures, with a particular focus on the animistic traditions that lie beneath Halloween and other rites of fall and winter.

The second part is a hands-on adornment and natural materials costuming workshop with Moni and with Ivy Stovall (Rewild Portland instructor and Echoes in Time kids program director).

For more information or to register for this free class please visit Rewild Portland's 2021 free skills series page.

Photo by Mellissa Berry, digitally edited by Wildland Roots

Header photo by Ryan, digitally edited by Wildland Roots