Much gratitude to the following:

The Cascade and Coastal mountain ranges, the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, and Oregon's coastal beaches; the ancient geologic residues of Pacific Northwestern volcanoes and glacial floods; the fog-moist forests of cedar, spruce, fern and moss, the wide-skied oak woodlands vivid with wildflowers, and the other-than-human kin interwoven with all these places.

The Chinook Nation, whose unceded territory includes Portland.

Aotearoa, land of te iwi Maori (the Maori people), land of my birth, and final resting place of my most recent ancestors: Dutch, English, Scottish, Polish and Jewish settlers.

The Echoes in Time ancestral skills gathering, Rewild Portland, and Oregon Metro's Nature University naturalist training program for nature connection, mentoring, and community.

Photographer Charles Fréger and his book Wilder Mann, for presenting masks as a traditional art form in the context of European culture.

Dell'Arte alumni Colin Gee and his 1993 show Uncommon Extremities for inspiring a life's study of mask-making.

Brian and Wendy Froud and Mike McCormick (mask-makers for the Jim Henson film Labyrinth) for sparking my initial interest in masks at the age of 11 (and for their lovely in-person encouragement many years later).

My partner Rick and our son Moebius, and my parents Jan and Al, for their creative support, patience and love.

My fabulous collaborators & co-conspirators--most particularly and especially Mel and Ivy.