Giant mask for Krampuslauf - Part 3

Photo by Mark Graves/The Oregonian

The giant Perchta mask decided at the last minute to become a giant Baba Yaga mask! It came down to available costume pieces mostly--but also because my studio ceiling is far too low for assembling a mask with large antlers.

But I really like how this mask leaves a lot of room for possible variations of character, and think a horned or antlered Perchten version may still be realized at a later time.

Just a few more photos to share here, showing the addition of an extended neck-flange (paper mache over cardboard) to make the mask more stable and comfortable, and partway through the painting process (natural pigments with a water-resistant gelatin binder, since there was originally a chance of rain forecast on the night of the Krampuslauf). The teeth were carved by my son from wood, and the hair is cottonwood inner bark fiber collected from a nearby beach with fallen trees. No hot glue was used, only mechanical fastenings (sewing, tied cord, wood screws).

Giant mask for Krampuslauf - Part 2

Here's a preview of how the mask is looking so far! Things finally came together last night, but this mask has been a challenge this past week. Here are three things I will do differently next time.